Review: Moon (2009)

moonreview28725244I enjoyed this film a lot. Moon is a (comparatively) low-budget British sci-fi film. It essentially has just one character – ‘Sam’ – played by Sam Rockwell. The only other ‘character’ to mention is GERTY, the computer. Sam is the lone occupant of a space station on the far side of the Moon. The station harvests helium-3 which it sends back to earth. It’s a clean energy.

This film is not a big-budget Hollywood movie for a mass market audience. It’s much more niche than that. As The Guardian puts it:

“British space movie, Moon pulls its DNA from the smarter, usually cheaper, sci-fi of old – films that hinged around brilliant notions. Like John Carpenter’s 1974 space comedy Dark Star, which climaxed with an astronaut discussing phenomenology with a sentient thermonuclear device – a talking bomb…

Moon gleefully magpies from a Who’s Who of genre faves: a soothingly voiced (by Kevin Spacey) computer, à la 2001’s Hal; production design influenced by Alien and Outland; old school Space: 1999-style lunar model shots. Plot-wise, all Moon’s big reveals are exposed by the half-way mark, leaving the rest of the film free to ponder profundities like the nature of identity or the awkwardness of meeting yourself.”
Source: Guardian.

I won’t say too much about the plot as these kinds of movies are best watched without knowing too much. It’s a psychological sci-fi (not a horror film) and makes for thoughtful, reflective viewing. The acting is spot on, as are the (low budget) special effects, rendering of space and the Moon, etc. Is done with models rather than CGI.

Very good and definitely recommended.

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  1. I am glad to hear another glowing report of the film.
    It is in my list of films put aside for a considered, uninterrupted viewing. And as a SF nerd I know I will like it….
    Just have to finish the first season of True Blood first, the raunchiness has me hooked.. 😀

  2. Sven – yeh, was great!

    Hen – do, you’d like it.

    Paul – I love True Blood! Having you seen ‘Being Human’? It’s *kind of* the UK equivalent. Enjoy Moon too!

  3. Milo, I tried ‘Being Human’. It was enjoyable, but didn’t get grabbed by the characters enough to obsessively watch the series.
    I think I was also distracted by hoping the gay werewolf would do something gay.
    Stupid really. I must have been in a different mind space…
    …I will try again.
    I am also trying to find the time too watch Spooks from the beginning after you and others have raved about it.

  4. Paul – it’s quirky for sure. In this series (2) there has been a gay vampire. Spooks is always good. I think series 7 was better than 8 (which has just finished here) but it’s always reliably entertaining.

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