Quentin Crisp & Vern

quentin crisp vernon new york

(via globewriter)

Love this photo Vern just posted on his blog from when he worked at the UN. He had the chance to interview Quentin Crisp who is an incredible character. I blogged not so long ago about the made-for-television drama Englishman in New York which was really very good.

If you’re not following Vern yet, you ought to be. Irish/Canadian guy who is a newsreader in the Caribbean these days. An old bloggy friend of mine.

3 thoughts on “Quentin Crisp & Vern

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  1. Vern – sorry, I didn’t mean that as in ‘blog-only’ friend, I meant it as in ‘friend derived from blogging’. As you and I have said to one another before, if/when we get to meet each other in person, we know we’ll hit it off as on very similar wavelength.

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