A portrait of the artist as a young man

photoshop mashup portrait of the artist as a young man

I created this mashup by combining this vintage picture frame (there are some fantastic background/frame type canvas images on this lady’s flickr site) with the image of a male Aquascutum model).

I solarized the main image (is like looking at a negative) and used layers to get the portrait to sit within the frame. I quite like how it’s turned out.

Other mashups of mine:

City Boy (uses the same model)

Alone in London

Thinking about summer (this became the header image for my 2009 blog awards – some of which can be seen on winners’ blogsites, notably Hotel Tuesday, Josh is Trashy and Suburban Mum).

6 thoughts on “A portrait of the artist as a young man

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  1. I love your artwork!!! I’ve never mentioned it before but when you do your art-only posts I am simply blown away.

    The title is annoyingly misleading however. It isn’t a portrait of you 🙂

  2. Justin – thanks for the kind words, as always! On my old blog I had loads of photos of me and there were some on here. Consensus was that I looked moody which I couldn’t really deny. So I’ve gone off posting them now, hehe.

    Mancais – thank you!

    Josh – thanks! And good luck with your job interview.

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