My beautiful laundrette


I’ve been through the ringer. But I’ve come out the other side. At least I feel like I’ve turned the corner.

I smiled quite a bit at work today. The verve, the joie de vivre, appears to have – like the weather – emerged from the storm. I have three very large projects on. All have been many months in duration. One finished today, the two others will finish next week. After that I will ‘have my life back’ for want of better words. Things should then calm down for the foreseeable. This is good.

Work really isn’t all bad. My colleagues are great. We got paid today. The pay I get in this job is what will sustain my move to central London. And the thing beginning in M & ending in A seems to be going ahead. This could open up a world of possibilities for me; exciting times. We’ll know in the next two weeks. All very hush-hush for now though.

And I had a long 1:1 with my boss. I’m extremely autonomous and unmanaged in my role. I guess that’s a good thing but it also means you don’t feel supported when you’re struggling. But we had a surprisingly good meeting. All the balls I felt I’d been dropping I was told were absolutely not thought to be the case by the senior management team (who I report into as a collective). I guess burning myself out left me feeling paranoid and delusional. Wouldn’t be the first time this has happened.

I’m on holiday soon. To Eastern Europe. Budapest, Hungary – to be exact. Looking forward to it. I hear good things about the city. Looking forward to just chilling out, enjoying cafe society, sightseeing, perhaps shopping.

And tomorrow the HIPs guy is coming to the flat to get the ball rolling on that (property sellers in the UK now have to get a HIPs report done prior to their property going on the market. Consists of energy assessment, searches and lots of other preamble which should speed up the conveyancing side of selling, too). But you have to get it done before your property can go on the market. That and it costs £250. But c’est la vie. Things move forward. It feels right.

I feel I’m approaching the crossroads of change.

7 thoughts on “My beautiful laundrette

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  1. Birdie – yes, I think so. Long story (will no doubt blog) but it looks like I’m going to rent out my flat now rather than sell it. Not a good time to sell (due to stuff going on with freeholder, managing agent, etc, etc. All so tedious).

    Vic – sure do! Can’t wait!

  2. I love hen all your projects end around the same time. Having taken 3 lit classes in one semester (on more than one occasion), I’ve have multiple papers due the same week. And handing in the last one feels so good!

  3. Chris – thank you. Planning to let it ASAP so watch this space!

    Colleen – really looking forward to it. Only a week to go now! And totally agreed that 50 hours a week is far, far too long. I hate the long hours culture which seems especially bad in this country and this city in particular. So not me.

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