Vignettes – 01/03/2010

The pall hanging over the London office isn’t get any better. If it were just me – being unhappy at work I mean – then I’d worry. I’d think the problem was with me. But it isn’t. Lots of people are feeling similar. We’re not ending the year well. The bonus pool is drying up. It’s the thing that keeps people going. For the Godforsaken hours we work. If it dries up completely people will vote with their feet I’m almost sure.

I’m there until the two year mark. That’s October 2010 (i.e. I’m 2/3rds of the way through my tenure already; how I hate wishing my life away). And how things have changed. Remember the posts of a year or so ago when I said that this was the best place at which I’d ever worked? The best people? (Still in fairness, true). The best perks? Pah. I now realise that perks mean nothing. When I started feeling like I was being worked like a farm animal I realised that it was all too much. I don’t do 21st century sweat shops. Just isn’t for me. Anyway, enough about work. I’m on holiday soon.

There was a thin covering of ice this morning as there’d been a heavy frost overnight. As I boarded my train around 7.30am (I go in early on Mondays for an 8.30am mtg) – several people disembarked the train. A lady slipped but righted herself at the last minute. A middle aged man went arse over tit. Awful to watch. He got up but looked quite shaken and possibly injured (there was nobody left on the platform at this stage as the rest of us were getting onto the London bound train). But he went down with a real smack. Remember about 5 weeks ago I fell on a train platform? I didn’t go arse over tit but I fell back against the train having slipped on ice. I thought I was fine until I realised I had a nasty pain in my left arm if I held it at a certain angle. It was really quite painful. Five weeks later it hasn’t completely gone away. Everyone told me to go to the physio or doctor but I didn’t.

As I walked home this evening (crystal blue skies all day) a woman about 100 yards up the road was having a cigarette on her own on the pavement. By the time I got to the spot she was at she’d long gone (back into her house) but the smell of smoke was strong. I have quite developed olfactory senses I think. Cos this was the open air and she’d been 100 yards up the street but I could still smell it really strongly as I passed the spot. And whilst on the subject of olfactory senses, I’m still loving the aftershave I bought from L’Occitane a few weeks ago. Wear it every day and really love it. It’s like a favourite item of clothing.

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  1. Ah – those last two sentences about your aftershave. I think lots of people completely underestimate the power of scents. I dreamt recently about a friend who died suddenly last year, and I swear I could smell him in my dream.

    Must seek out the scent of the Eau des Baux. I love the smell of cardamom.

  2. Colleen – glad I’m not the only one who thinks that. Hope you find and like the fragrance. Their other ones are good too. All quite distinctive. But this one is my favourite. A female colleague liked it so much she bought some for her boyfriend!

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