new york construction 1950s

I had a bad dream last night. The dream involved me being stuck at the top of a skyscraper from which I couldn’t get off. This nightmare was feeding off my long held fear of heights.

I’m not sure from where this phobia originates. I don’t mind sitting by the window on an aircraft and looking out as the plane takes off, watching the ground disappear beneath me. But it’s a quite different story when it comes to buildings.

I couldn’t work in a high-rise building. Pre- 9/11 I might have been able to. But not now. There’s something about the helplessness of being stuck at the top of a building, unable to get off, that plays to my worst fears. Being trapped. 9/11 was horrific in a million and one ways, but those forced to jump (estimated at over 200) from 110 storeys up is the thing that left me the most traumatized, especially having seen it played out live on TV.

I remember last year watching (and blogging about) the exceptionally good film documentary Man on Wire. It was really gripping. How that Frenchman could desire so strongly to cross over from one tower to the next, walking on just a tightrope, is beyond me. It made me quite sick to watch but I couldn’t help but remain fascinated.

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  1. Hubby’s last job was on floors 53 and 54 of the tallest building in Denver. I couldn’t even stand near the windows!! And I too always thought about the 9/11 scenario of people jumping when I was there….

    I walked across a flimsy rope bridge in Ireland last summer – sheer drop into rocks and sea (with all my kids etc) – near Giants’ Causeway. I HATED it…..was shaking like a leaf….

  2. Birdie – that would be too high for me now. Canary Wharf’s main tower is 50 floors high. Ugh, the rope bridge does not sound fun at all!

  3. I have a TERRIBLE fear of being at the very top of a tall building and sumfing happening which involves me plummeting to the Earth. Though, I work on the 16th floor of an office building en Nueva Nueva and I’ve never once been nervous while working. Hmmm…

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