Not judging a book by its cover: Sue Sylvester

janelynchgleel7655182I think it’s easy to judge a book by its cover and I’ve kind of done that with Sue up until now. To those remiss enough NOT to be watching the masterful US import, Glee, on E4, Sue Sylvester is the battleaxe games/PE teacher. She leads the cheer leaders and is a seriously tough nut.

Anyway, in the last episode (which I only just caught up with last night), the theme was around disabled and minority students. To everyone’s shock, when a Down’s Syndrome girl tried out to join the cheer-leading squad – Sue Sylvester grilled this poor girl but, the girl then made it into the squad. Mr Schu thought Sue was up to no good, but the story line soon revealed that Sue’s sister is disabled, also having Down’s Syndrome. So the scene where she visits her sister and shows a lot of emotion, reading to her, etc, totally broke the stereotype and image you had of Sue in your head of only being this tough, nasty b****.

I like to think I’m a good judge of character but I often judge people too quickly. The clearest sharpest example of this is, of course, with he who is beyond the scope of this blog. When I first met him I thought he was a Neanderthal and the last person on earth I would end up with the intensity of closeness we ended up with. I’d judged him on face value, rather than what was on the inside.

At work I have a German colleague who is kind of in my peer group but marginalised somewhat. She’s blunt and a bit opinionated and can come across as a bit of a tough nut. But I’ve worked with her closely over the past few months and grown to really like her a lot. I didn’t give her much chance when I first met her as closer work friends of mine had spoken somewhat negatively about her, putting me off. A mistake.

Sue is no saint but nor is she all bad. Give people a chance to show you their other sides. And don’t judge every book by its cover.

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