Blue Danube

Today we headed to the Hungarian parliament building for a guided tour. We’d wanted to go on the 12noon tour but it was fully booked and getting tickets proved irksome. Tickets are free to EU citizens (on proof of ID) and the tours are split by language. A lot of non-English people (i.e. Spaniards, Italians) were trying to get onto one of the English tours but the woman on the ticket counter within the parliament building was having none of it. This farce went on for some time and eventually it was our turn and we handed over our passports and got two tickets, but for the 2pm tour as the 12noon one was full. Not a big deal. We wandered around, stopping at the odd coffee shop. The weather was dry and bright and didn’t feel quite as cold as yesterday. We also used the time to head to the Hungarian State Opera House to book tickets for the 4pm tour.

Hungarian Parliament on the Danube
Hungarian Parliament on the Danube
hungarian parliament
Inside the Hungarian Parliament
hungarian parliament
Lobby of the House of Deputies, Hungarian Parliament
hungarian parliament
Central stairway, Hungarian Parliament

We got back to the parliament building at the allotted time. It’s gothic and modelled on Westminster (doesn’t, to my eyes at least, look like Westminster though). It’s worth doing the tour as the building is the ‘largest, grandest and most expensive’ in Hungary.

After this we headed up toward the opera house, stopping at St Steven’s Cathedral on the way.

The opera house was lovely. Again, the smallish tour groups were split by language – English, German, French and Russian. As usual, the English group was the largest. Our guide was very good. Young, pretty, she reminded me of Christine from Phantom of the Opera.

hungarian state opera house
Ceiling, Hungarian State Opera House

Main staircase, Hungarian State Opera House

Hungarian State Opera House
Hungarian State Opera House
Main staircase, Hungarian State Opera House
Main staircase, Hungarian State Opera House
Main foyer, Hungarian State Opera House
Main foyer, Hungarian State Opera House

Another trip to the sauna after a longish day sightseeing. Another naked German or Austrian couple (different to yesterday’s, older). I’m starting to think ‘when in Rome…’

Still not been to one of the spas/baths, but plan to tomorrow. Enjoyable meal out not far from the hotel. Hungarian beer is OK but I had Edelweiß Weißbier tonight (it’s Austrian) which I first got the taste for in Vienna a few years ago.

6 thoughts on “Blue Danube

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  1. Enjoying the travelogue and the wonderful photos…..I don’t take good indoor photos so am loving yours. You certainly have a keen eye for composition and I’m glad you are enjoying the break from the stress of work.

    I’ve not travelled much in Europe, as you know, so am really enjoying this series of posts.

  2. Hen – I think you’d like it!

    Paul – thanks, yeh, was a great place to look around.

    SB – thanks! My key to indoor photos and architecture in general is the Sigma 10-20mm lens which makes taking really impactful photos really, really easy. And when you start using ultra-wide angle lenses for things like city breaks it literally lives on the camera. And as it’s so wide angle you can go with really low shutter speeds and still take sharp photos.

  3. How about you change jobs and go travelling and reporting back?
    I always feel the need for a trip when I read your reports.

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