Budapest in photos

You can alternatively see the sideshow full screen by clicking here (then press F11 on the keyboard to view full size).

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  1. You really are a talented photographer.

    What exactly is the definition of a “city break”? Just a vacation where the destination happens to be a city?

    I very much want to see Budapest. 2009 for some reason was the year I became obsessed with Central and Eastern European History. It started with reading a couple of murder mysteries set in the Ottoman Empire (Orhan Pamuk’s My Name is Red being the most memorable, followed by the more conventional historical fiction mysteries The Sultan’s Seal, and The Janissary Tree). This led me to reading a lot of non-fiction first about the Ottoman Empire, then about Hungary and Bohemia, then about the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, then about the Baltic and finally about the interwar and post-WWII stories of Central and Eastern Europe. I have a keen fascination with the horror which is Nationalism as well. Anyway, thanks for the interesting posts 🙂

  2. Justin – thank you! In the UK (and probs most of Europe) ‘city break’ is a term used a lot, usually to mean a short 2-4 night holiday to another city. Lots of holidays are marketed this way now (well, ‘city break’ type holidays I mean). Ah, hadn’t realised you had obsession with E.Europe! You certainly sound well read. It’s a great part of the continent, so much history (though much of it troubling). I really want to go to St Petersburg. Hopefully soon.

    Mancais – thanks, had a really good time. And having a week off work was a godsend.

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