Launching The Mauretania

Launch of the Mauretania cruise liner at Cammell Lairds in 1938
Launch of the Mauretania cruise liner at Cammell Lairds in 1938

(via Liverpool Museums)

Mauretania II at her launch. Launches at Cammell Laird’s during this time drew immense crowds to witness the spectacle of these massive constructions first entering the water. Mauretania’s maiden voyage was from Liverpool to New York in 1939. The vessel served as a troop ship during World War II and continued in service until 1965.

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  1. For a hot second, I thought this was the Titanic and got so unbelievably excited that I perked up in my seat out of a very comfortable slouching position.

  2. Josh – I love all those old ocean liners. Mauretania also very famous and impressive I’m sure, just it didn’t hit an iceberg and sink! 😀

  3. Amazing picture! We saw a cruise ship heading back to Liverpool when we were in North Wales last weekend. As we drove along the coast road back towards Manchester it was motoring along at some speed towards the Mersey.

  4. Hen – I love big shapes, either Navy ones or cruise ships. Especially like the ocean liners from the early part of the 20th century. Largest ship I ever saw was a cruise ship docked in Vancouver. Truly enormous. I’d also like to go on a cruise but have yet to do so.

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