Mr Big Hair


(via fuckyeahmodelhomme)

Most men have short hair these days but – though I am innately drawn to the cropped/army look – I like the idea of medium length too. Having something to run your hands through is a Good Thing. So long as they haven’t overdone the product (as Sue Sylvester in Glee would say, apropos Mr Schu).

2 thoughts on “Mr Big Hair

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  1. I started looking at his hair but as my eyes moved down I started to ponder. Has he got a wonky nose or is it shadow? Also, why the change to ‘product’? My friend started saying this when she did her hairdressing and barbering course. I don’t buy ‘product’. I buy mousse, gel, wax, etc. Well, I don’t buy anthing really but you get my drift.

  2. Mancais – I’m not sure why people are saying it either. I’ve always said gel or wax too, rather than ‘product’. Seems a bit OTT saying product.

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