Easter Sunday

A rather good Easter overall, so far.

Last night we had the beef bourgignon I’d made the night before. It had 24 hours for the flavour to develop – which it did. Was lovely, as was the Oyster Bay red that S had bought that we had with it. I’d also made chocolate fudge cookies (my nod to chocolate at Easter) – which have also gone down well.

Yesterday we did the garden centre (along with everyone else it seemed! I did buy a dieffenbachia – dull but I’ve always liked them – for my flat). S bought absolutely loads of plants for the garden. 20% off at Homebase, hard to argue with that (oh, suburbia!). We also visited a great antiques place not far from here which all of my local friends and I now seriously covet. I bought a mahogany tallboy from there a few years ago which I still love.

Today we drove into central London to go area hunting for me. Focused around Pimlico SW1. Streets fairly quiet so it was comparatively pleasant to drive. Weather held out, too. We went to my favourite wine bar in Belgravia for lunch. To think that will soon be walkable when I’ve made the move. I haven’t started flat hunting itself yet (waiting to get a tenant for my own place) but I’m fairly sure on the area now.

After that we headed to the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, home of the famous Chelsea Pensioners. It was founded in 1682 by King Charles II as a home for soldiers who were unfit for further duty because of injury or old age. Elderly ex-army personnel – many from WWII – live out their final days here. It’s a lovely place. Beautiful bulidings, well tended gardens. A sense of the past. Respectful. Old England. Which I like a lot, actually. We walked into the dining room – was rather grand but I loved how all the condiments were on the table. It was traditional but down to earth – used 3x a day, every day – for the past 330 years.

Then on to this favourite antiques haunt again. S spent quite a lot of money on a 150 year old walnut ‘tea table’ which he’d fallen in love with yesterday. It is rather lovely. Luckily it also fitted into the back of my car.

Back to S’s (I’ve stayed here all weekend, in dire need of a break from my own place). He spent time in the garden, I made a cream of cauliflower and Gruyère cheese soup – which was delicious. I also fried some home-made croutons which went down a treat. All served with a good bottle of chilled prosecco, followed not long after by a brioche bread and butter pudding.  A highly calorific dinner all told, but hey, it’s Easter and I’m a bit old for Easter eggs so this isn’t a bad substitute.

In short – I’ve really enjoyed the 4 day Easter break so far this year and glad that we still have another day to go.

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  1. “Four day Easter Break”? Is it commonplace in the UK for employers to give time off for Easter? It’s .. as far as I know .. unknown in the US. Easter isn’t even a federal or bank holiday, though many schools get it off — or just get the whole week off as a “spring break” kind of thing (of course we have no Established Church here). Yale, Harvard and MIT did *not* have Good Friday off. Some (very religious) people would take it off anyway, but when I went to college, very religious people seemed much fewer and further between than they do now.

    You may be too young for easter eggs, but you’re *never* too old for jelly beans, jordan almonds, chocolate bunnies, or chocolate eggs. Honestly. 🙂

  2. New area looks lovely. (Parking permits?).
    If only S’s new table could talk…bet it has some stories to tell with its age!!!

    Not a celebrated holiday here in USA – most bansk/schools/the post office open both Friday and Monday.

  3. Justin – yeh, for us Friday is Good Friday (national holiday) and Monday is a Bank Holiday so a 4 day weekend! Biggest holiday period of the year for us after Christmas. In these multicultural politically-correct days, it’s a miracle that the Christian tradition of Easter is still noted.

    Birdie – my understanding is that as a local council tax payer I would be eligible for resident’s parking permit. That said, I *may* not take the car, but leave it at S’s. His own car has been out of action since December.

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