The hanging gardens of… New York

Daniel Libeskind, the New York based architect (who designed the Freedom Tower to replace the World Trade Center), is also working on this ‘New York Tower’ which is a kind of 21st century ‘hanging garden skyscraper’:

It is currently in the design phase. More info on the architect’s website.

Well – hit, miss or maybe? It’s striking and seems innovative and eco-friendly with all that ‘high up’ greenery. It would be amazing to look up and see a mini forest in the sky. Having said all that, I am not a fan of skyscrapers as I mentioned before, when discussing the London Shard which is currently going up. I do appreciate the grandeur and artistic intent, but since 9/11 I have a fear of all buildings over 10 storeys. And having vertigo doesn’t help.

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  1. Crikey! Like you being up in anything more than a few storey’s and I feel dizzy. Even being on the top floor of a Georgian houses in Bath gives me the colly-wobbles. What the attraction of building so high is stumps me….now climbing a mountain is another matter altogether. In Bath the view over the city from Beechen Cliff is enthralling…and the spires of St John’s and St Michael’s and The Abbey’s tower have their proper dignity unspoilt by other intrusions….

  2. Hmmm…I don’t actually like it M. To me it is an homage to a terrorist event as opposed to tribute to the American spirit and the defiance of the US population. I see the artistic vision but why not just be defiant?

  3. Chris – I love mountains and don’t have vertigo (in the same way) with those. It’s really man made structures that does it.

    Josh – funnily enough I was thinking about that myself when I first saw the photos. Trees falling from the sky is not a pretty prospect.

    Vern – this is different to the Freedom Tower (replacement for twin towers) but I hear what you’re saying.

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