Landlord in waiting

The flat isn’t let yet but there have been quite a few viewings over the past 2-3 weeks. More than 12. This of course means that the flat has had to be kept immaculate, day in, day out. I’ve never lived somewhere this tidy. Not a single thing on any sideboard. The bedspread pulled up over the pillows every day when I leave for work with not a wrinkle in it. The carpets vacuumed twice a week. The permanent background smell of vanilla. Fresh daffodils on the mantlepiece. Cushions puffed up. You get the picture.

Have had one serious offer so far which is a little under asking so I’m holding out a bit longer. Feedback has been good overall. I have little doubt it will go, but may take a bit longer. The price that came in was 10% below asking which is a little too much more than I’m willing to meet at. I’m happy to accept 5% below asking. So we’ll see. Other than that the couple were ideal – professionals and with a 6 week deposit. In fairness, the asking price is quite high. But the flat is in immaculate condition and I’m in no (real) rush. So I can be choosy and bide my time.

Work painfully busy but what’s new there? I work in an organisation with a workaholic culture so that’s par for the course.

Easter was rather warm but the temperature has now dropped and I’ve even had to turn the central heating back on. Spring in England. Fickle. Always. I don’t think we ever have clear seasons here. But that’s OK. It’s been bright and quite sunny which is the main thing.

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  1. I don’t think I could ever get our house that tidy – there’s still junk – sorry, treasured possessions – here that dates from when my parents moved in, in 1959! I do have the daffodils though, but that’s just because I like them. I hope you get the asking price soon!

  2. Daphne – it’s been odd for me, too! But I like it, now. There’s something pleasant about coming home after a hard day at work to somewhere that is ultra clean and tidy. The zen minimalism I’ve also got used to quite fast.

    Vic – hehe, well you have an excuse as have a growing family!

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