At last the chapter closes

A very long chapter at last came to an end today. 7.5 years of living in my flat – the longest I have ever lived anywhere, in my whole life – finally came to an (overdue) end. This was perhaps 3-4 years later than it should have been. For all sorts of reasons, all of which are a bit long-winded to go into.

I’m totally and completely exhausted. It’s taken the best part of 3 days with the real grunt work done yesterday and today. At the outset, I had thought – sensibly – about using a ‘man and a van’ to help me move. Sadly I didn’t use common sense and in my usual unplanned way, I moved manually, with help from S, via perhaps 5-6 car journeys from mine to his. He lives 5 mins away by car so this thankfully isn’t too big a problem. But I live on the 2nd floor of my building (no lift) so it’s been hard going.

And even though I’m leaving the flat almost fully furnished for the tenants, I was still shocked – nay, appalled – at just how much stuff I’ve accumulated. Indecent amounts. All so amorphous it’s hard to describe what it really is. It’s just ‘stuff’.

And as you would expect with moving – it’s been very stressful. And completely exhausting. I’ve woken before 7am the last 3 days (and I had Friday as holiday) and by the middle of this afternoon, when I was at last done, I felt completely physically and emotionally drained. I was like a zombie on auto-pilot.

Most of the moving was done yesterday and I spent most of today cleaning. I’ve never cleaned so much in my life. In retrospect, though – I preferred the cleaning to the moving. I wanted everything just so as the inventory gets done before the tenants move in (i.e. first thing tomorrow) and I want, ultimately, to take back the property in the condition I left it in. I also took a large number of photos.

I never wanted to be a landlord but in order to move I became one. I don’t think the tenants will do too badly. I left a Dyson vacuum cleaner less than 4 months old, all the pictures, mirrors, lamps, uplighters, TV stand, all the crockery/cutlery, kitchen appliances, etc. Two young-ish guys are moving in (late 20s) and apparently don’t have much of their own stuff. I’m also going out on something of a limb and trusting in karma and that if I go the extra mile for the tenants they will respect the place a little bit more. So in that spirit, I also left a bottle of prosecco and a bottle of French rum.

They move in tomorrow. So I’m now at S’s for what (I think we both hope) won’t be too long. The onus is now on me to flat hunt in earnest, which I shall do.

7.5 years is a long time. It’s so, sooo much longer than all my friends have been in any of their respective places, either as tenants or owners. Most first time buyers upgrade within a few years. I’ve felt quite left behind – in many ways – by not doing so. And my place had grown very stale on me. And for reasons a bit too long-winded for me to go into, by not moving I had put the brakes on in a number of areas of my life. When I have moved to my next place – hopefully imminently – those breaks will be coming off with a vengeance.

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  1. I envy you. I am the total opposite – I like to be in familiar surroundings for as long as possible, and hate moving. I’ve only done it once in the last 16 years, and that was due to a divorce. For various reasons, though, that was cathartic, as I dumped nearly all of the ‘stuff’ I was ‘given’ and started anew. Now, I won’t buy anything unless I absolutely need it. Clutter – stuff – drags you down in so many ways.

    Good luck! I hope you find a fantastic flat, and your life takes off again.

  2. Well there you go: out with the old, in with the new, I guess. It sounds like you were ready for it anyway. I look forward to hearing about the search for a new flat to live in and your new pied-à-terre, when you fall in love with it.
    As for the clutter, hope you managed to whittle it down a little?

  3. Sarah – had I been happy I’d not be so bothered but have not been happy there the past few years. Yeh, is very cathartic to throw stuff out, for sure. I’m also quite anti buying lots of stuff these days too.

    Lula – yeh, excited about change ahead! Has been a long, long time since I did any type of property hunting. Even longer ago since I’ve rented anywhere! I did manage to jettison a reasonable amount of stuff. Also left a lot at the old flat.

  4. We moved a lot (6 times in 8 yrs) and it helped us have good sort outs. Lots of trips to charity shops etc. I saw you packing books – do you keep all you have read? Will you unpack v little whilst at S’s? Bet you will be amazed at all the stuff you have packed and not needed by the time you get v settled in a new place…..

  5. I’m packing up too – it’s slow work though. It seems like there’s so much that we need to hand day by day that I’m not sure I’m going to get anywhere until the last week. Right when the husband’s going to be manically busy with work. Could be interesting.

  6. I can’t relate to wanting or needing to move so much at all – my parents were in their house for over 50 years and I’ve been in this one, my first, for 28 years.

    Good luck to you though and I look forward to hearing how things turn out from now on.

  7. Birdie – hardly unpacking at all at S’s. Keeping most of it boxed up. I want to give a lot of the books to charity that I know I won’t read again. Haven’t sorted them yet, nor identified which local charity! Need to though.

    Vic – good luck with the move!

    Mancais – thanks! Hard to believe I’ve moved out after so long there!

    SB – if a person is content they shouldn’t move I don’t think. I haven’t been content for years though so had no choice! Feels like the right thing to have done, fingers crossed.

  8. I live in the house that my parents bought in 1959 and I wage a constant war against Stuff that has accumulated ever since! Great to de-clutter a bit – I’m always trying to. I hope you find a new flat soon.

  9. Daphne – yeh, ‘stuff’ is the bane of so many people’s lives I think! I’ve been able to live without the vast majority of it these past 3 weeks, making me realise that most of it is totally unnecessary for daily life.

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