Ashes to Ashes – dust to dust

Last night’s final episode of Ashes to Ashes brought dramatic closure to a drama spread over five-years and two incarnations – Life on Mars (set in the 1970s) and Ashes to Ashes (set in the 1980s).

The whole thing has been great – certainly one of the best dramas the BBC has put out in recent years. Generally speaking I don’t go in for police dramas but as this had a ‘sci fi’ element to it (copper travels back in time from the present day) and because the depiction of the eras was so very good – it made for great TV. What was it like if you haven’t seen it? Well, the nearest thing that comes to mind is Quantum Leap.

Reflecting on all three series of A2A I still feel that the first was my favourite. For me, it captured the zeitgeist of the 1980s better than the latter two. And I loved the David Bowie motif (from the single of the same name – Ashes to Ashes). It just really worked.

ashes to ashes david bowie

For five years we have tried to work out the puzzle. So many clues, some of which were erroneous (Alex Drake’s red shoes, for example, leading to people thinking there was a Wizard of Oz link – which there wasn’t). Last night all was finally revealed in what turned out to be a powerful, emotional, poignant finale.

If you need further clarity to understand it all, The Guardian has a good write-up explaining and decoding the central premise.

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  1. I was frankly gobsmacked by the ending. It was superb. I confess, it took me a while to grasp what was really going on, but when the penny finally dropped I realised how truly masterful it was. And what a pleasure to watch a series where a definitive ending was planned and executed. American dramas would do well to take note, as would some UK ones.


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