Has felt like a very long week and it’s not over yet. A big conference, the Chelsea Flower Show with clients and another big project – all came to fruition this week. Added to that has been birthdays (meaning late nights), 8 am conference calls with overseas offices and everything else just dissolving into a blur.

I’m not a gardener but Chelsea was enjoyable – though extremely busy until you arrived at the sanctuary that is the corporate hospitality enclosure with its champagne on ice and attentive waiting staff. It felt rather rarefied but was a pleasant experience and most importantly, the clients enjoyed it.

My job is going really well and yet… my plan to leave remains unchanged.

4 thoughts on “Chelsea

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  1. You should take some pride in your use of the word “fruition” in the context of a “Flower Show”, however unintentional 🙂

  2. I’m not a gardener either..but I do like a garden to have flowers. Don’t you find a lot of the Chelsea stuff a bit ‘designery’ and sterile?
    Been catching up on your posts and enjoyed the one on A2A. I enjoyed re-visiting the 80s, even some of the cheesy music!

  3. RO – yeh, a lot of it is a bit over-done. That said, I like the ‘meadow-style’ (my phrase, not sure what it’s actually called) which has what looks to be haphazard wild flowers everywhere. That’s the kind of garden I would like. Glad you also liked A2A!

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