Vignettes – 03/06/10

A glorious day weather-wise. The sun so bright I wear sunglasses to work. Unusual for me.

A busy day in the office. My 30 minutes with the CEO is bumped as he’s too busy. This always happens. I’m not really that bothered.

Salad for lunch. We sit in one of the office’s outside spaces with the sun beating down. Is quite nice. Not a cloud in the sky.

More flat hunting. I leave the office at 4.30pm to meet another agent at 5pm. She’s foreign. Eastern European. Petite. Much nicer and more down to earth than the Hurray-Henrietta from yesterday.

The first property I quite liked. Not a stuccoed front door but a side-door taking you into the building. The flat quite pleasant. Large enough. Only thing I really did not like is that it faces onto a council block which was quite ugly. That’s like all big cities though. The affluent and the inner city poor living cheek by jowl. It was just a little too close for my liking. I just didn’t like the view. But it was affordable.

The next property was the one I had seen yesterday. Turns out it’s multiple agency. I like it. It’s bijou but just big enough. I could see me being happy there. That said, I still want to see more properties. It’s the one with gas, that has the guy living there at the moment who is buying and thus moving out.

The next one we saw I didn’t like. It was lower than my stated budget. And you could see why. Lower ground floor. Had a nasty unventilated smell. The living room, bathroom and kitchen were all decent. But the bedroom was tiny with the bed in a corner. It really reminded me of being on a ship. Small upper side window (obviously not left open during the day as considered a security risk) above the bed. Felt very pokey. Lots of photos up. An antipodean couple. I recognise the type.

We move on to the 4th property. Driving isn’t the agent’s strong point and she has stalled twice so far and taken several wrong turns. But I can’t say I mind – the diversions help facilitate a greater acquaintance with the area.

The 4th property is a ‘wild card’, meaning I hadn’t known about nor asked to see it. This is because it only came on today and isn’t advertised yet. And it definitely is over budget. We view it anyway. Lovely street. Lovely entrance. First flat as you go in. Ground floor. Large living room. High ceilings – perhaps 12 feet. Wooden shutters on the window. Large fireplace. Large what looks to be modern art on the walls. What I think is a piano. Small table and chairs.

The bedroom borders on the baroque. Wrought iron chandelier. Marie Antoinette-style wardrobe. Big old fashioned bed. I love it already. Modern galley kitchen. Bathroom at the end of the kitchen (not exactly ideal but hardly a deal breaker). There is a balcony, too, opening onto the backs of other properties. A bizarre, quite dark, oasis of small gardens and balconies that sit behind the grand, stuccoed façades of these imposing buildings. Is doubtful I’d make much use of it. But even so.

So we’ll see. I definitely can’t pay asking and what I can pay is likely to be too low below asking I would imagine. I will probably still make an offer, though. But not the end of the world if I don’t get it. I’ve already found some more places I’d like to view and I shall call those tomorrow.

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  1. Oh, I miss UK flat-hunting. It’s a total clusterfuck over here (30 people or more all viewing one place at the same time). I just got a letter offering to extend my lease and although I could probably do better, I love the area and I can’t be arsed to move. The annual rental increase is only $40 (£17) per month – I think that’s a fair price for my laziness 🙂

    PS: Love the blog theme!

  2. Sven – I remember you writing about flat hunting for your current place. Sounded a nightmare though you came up trumps. 30 viewing at the same time sounds CRAZY. £17 a month increase is extremely modest and definitely worth sticking with.

    Thanks re: the blog theme. WP just released it and I’m liking the grungy look.

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