What a swell party this is!

I’m a fan of socialising, parties, meeting new people. General, felicitous, bonhomie. Of good times.

It goes without saying that this predilection for subscribed conviviality comes with the territory.

3 thoughts on “What a swell party this is!

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  1. I love this film and this scene. If you like this, go check out the earlier film: The Philadelphia Story with the very debonair Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn. The opening scene alone is priceless. Oh C.K. Dexter Haven… how I love thee!

    1. Sorry, just wanted to add: this clip is brilliant because it highlights the difference in their respective singing styles. Bing’s vowels vs. Frank’s consonants.

  2. Lula – I haven’t seen the film yet but am now planning to. Glad you liked it, is a great song for sure! I’ll try and check out the other one too.

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