Was on my own in one of the kitchens at work today, daydreaming somewhat, whilst simultaneously belting out (with a strong southern lilt) that firm old favourite country tune: D-I-V-O-R-C-E. Of course, by the law of sod, I was walked in on by a director colleague (there are no doors), whilst in full flow. Embarrassing for both concerned and not my finest hour. Narrowed eyes and an eagerness to leave (on his part) said it all.

Ah well, I can’t perpetuate the debonair-man-about-town all the time. And yes – it may be, demonstrably, as queer as a $3 bill – but I sure do love my Tammy (and Dolly for that matter). And anyway, I’m not really into Dr Who, or Torchwood, or ‘BSG’ (Battlestar Galactica) or Star Trek (which puts me at odds with about 99% of the ‘gay community’ – whatever that is) so I have to get my queer-as-folk kicks from somewhere. To that end, I love me some classic country.


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  1. Um, so, first off, 99% of the gay community is not into scifi. Just because Puntabulous and I are dorky nerdy scifi geeks, along with a few other homos on the internet, doesn’t mean most are. In fact I’d say the vast majority of gay guys are NOT into scifi.

    (I am certainly a Dr Who / Torchwood / BSG / Star Trek / Caprica / LOST / True Blood / etc. fanatic, so I’m a nerd as well as a homo; though not, sadly, an “adorkable” one like Craig of Puntabulous fame.)

    Secondly, being into country music DOES put you at odds with most gay men. Though not all. There was a great “Gays for Patsy [Cline]” float in the first Boston Gay Pride Parade I ever watched — pink convertible, cowboys in white with fringes doing the — whatever that dance is where you put your thumbs through your belt etc. — and a big Patsy Drag Queen in the car. It was awesome.

    Personally, I am mostly not into country music at ***ALL***. Too much jingoism, too much redneck, too much Palin-lovin’, gay-hatin’ culture. But I do love that song.

    Thirdly — I cannot **BEGIN** to express the extent to which I want you to post a video of yourself “belting out” that song “in full flow”. I have a distinct eeling that your queer-as-a-3-dollar-bill-ness would be simply wonderful to see 🙂

  2. Oy oy oy! I can’t believe that he walked in on you. *deep chuckle* Oh well, God knows what he’s into, right? In the meantime, carry on… D-I-V-O…

  3. I can’t imagine you doing that in that place you used to work with me. Wow you’ve changed 🙂

    Rather apt song for me at the moment.

  4. Justin – oh take my word for it, I don’t have Josh’s voice and it would not be any fun for the listeners!

    RO – oh, am not familiar with BC’s version but don’t like the idea of it I must say.

    Lula – was also a case of ‘more fool me’ I think!

    Gen – welcome back! Actually I probably need to clarify one word. Though I said I was ‘belting out’ the song, I think in retrospect that’s a gross exaggeration. I was singing it, yeh, but not belting it out (which really wouldn’t be me, least of all in the office!). Take my word for it – I haven’t changed too much. Keep blogging!

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