9 thoughts on “Jack and Jill

  1. Where *DO* you find these?! Awesome!

    I love this period for artwork. And print. I love the tall f-shaped s’s. I have a poster of an old alphabet primer from a similar vintage. I have to say that the examples they give for the letters are often reallllly obscure. Not obvious things like “C” for “Cat” but absurdly obscure words. I don’t have it in front of me so I’ll have to look up the examples later.

    I had never heard of “Old Dame Gill” nor have I ever heard these later verses. I wonder if this is the original version or if it is simply a literary adaptation of an orally-transmitted folk rhyme that was already in currency at the time. Of course it’s not uncommon for people to only know the first verse of something that is actually longer (e.g., Auld Lang Syne; Happy Birthday; various Christmas Carols, etc), but I don’t know if this is an example of that or not. Interesting 🙂

  2. This brought a smile to my face. For many years I lived near the village of Kilmington, Somerset where Jack and Jill hill is situated. There is an excellent pub, The Jolliffe Arms, in the village and they also have a lovely tradition of decorating the village with scarecrows, in various guises, during the week of the village Fete.

  3. What am I doing? For Kilmington read Kilmersdon…I think the heat of the sun here in the Canary Islands has got to me….

  4. SB – ummmmmm!

    Justin – oh, a variety of sources. My google reader is full of random sites. Tumblr is good for a lot of this type of thing, lots of niche and vintage stuff. Yeh, I wondered about ‘old dame Gill’ too.

    Daphne – glad you liked.

    Chris – oh, that’s pretty cool! Pretty part of the world, too.

    Josh – oh, they were just fooling around! I bet you would have done worse, LOL.

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