It’s hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world

I am a big Dolly Parton fan, I should probably state at the outset.

In this tune I love the yodelling. Because I am a big yodeling fan, as mentioned before.

I yearn for the simple life. I feel my life is anything but simple. Professional services. London. The bubble. The rat race. Metropolitan. Cosmpolitan (yes). The competitiveness. The insulation from ‘ordinary UK life’. Somewhat contrived. A bubble. Out of touch with reality. Too much attention to status. An incessant hunger to reach the next milestone. A lack of simplicity. A lack of connection. A lack of meaning.

For a long, long time – I’ve longed for simplicity. Real people. Real feelings. Meaning. Something ordinary. Something un-metropolitan. And I long to get back to my roots – would that I knew what or where they were (well – I was born in Wales, but it’s kind of complicated).

As a teenager I used to watch – and love – the US tv series Northern Exposure. That sort of life and community was the one I wanted to live in – I decided. But it really didn’t work out that way for me.

I think that’s why I like this song.

8 thoughts on “It’s hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about the community in Northern Exposure (one of my fave series, BTW). I think we found something close where we live now. But, I have no idea if you’ll find it anywhere inside LDN.

    One thing I’ve found out is that life choices are being made all the time – you never know (until much later) that that compromise you made a few months ago will echo into you later years. I say follow you heart – it won’t be wrong.

  2. Gen – it’s good, isn’t it!? Catchy.

    Deb – was a great series wasn’t it? And I so agree with what you say re: small life choices having major impact later on in life. I sometimes refer to it as the ‘sliding doors’ effect or philosophy (based on the film of course) because it really is true.

  3. Having never been north of the equator, I love Northern Exposure; put it in the same sort of category as Due South and Ed.

    On a different note, this blog is lovely :-).

  4. Mancais – good taste! And yeh, I may just look at a complete career change next time. I love ‘the job’ (function) I do. It’s more the industry and the UK in general that I want a change from. I want more adventure and you don’t get that when you’ve been in the same city 10+ years.

    Telepathetic – thank you! Yeh, Due South is also very good.

    Eric Does Not exist – glad I had a positive influence! She’s seen as cheesy and not exactly trendy to like – but get beyond that mindset and it’s decent. I like that ‘homespun’ music and she’s true to her roots. She’s not manufactured like most contemporary music bands.

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