Counting down

The tenancy agreement is signed and I am due to move home in 11 days. Looking forward to it after 10 weeks of crashing with a friend. Having my commute slashed in half will be a singular joy and one I don’t plan to take for granted. 20-25 mins rather than 50-60 mins is a big difference and one that I really can’t wait for. It’s not that I live particularly far from the centre now – I don’t; it’s 15 mins on the train. But my office is in central-north-central London rather than the southern part of central London which always used to be the case and it’s just the way the cookie crumbles that my current commute is not straightforward.

And I am especially looking forward to travelling to work by London bus, rather than by tube. I have had enough of the tube. In fairness to the network – it’s actually very reliable – but with this being an exceptionally over-crowded city, it is always so packed it is just never pleasant. In winter there is something rather comforting and nostalgic about travelling by tube – but on summer days like today (27c) – it’s very unpleasant as it is so horribly hot and humid.

Life will change when I’ve moved in many ways. For example, I’ve been researching gyms. I really miss not doing exercise, far more than I ever thought would be the case. Of course, the 20 lb weight gain stands as a testimony to why one really ought to do regular exercise. Not being able to fit into favourite suit trousers or jeans is the cross I have been forced to bear. However, this cross will be violently cast asunder when I get back into a routine and the weight starts to drop off. I’m actually really looking forward to restarting. And as ever and true to form – I can’t do things by half. I either eat and drink like a hideous glutton (the current, extended phase) – or I adopt monasticism. It has always been thus. The monastic phase is now long overdue and I intend to embrace it with open arms.

Of course, not everything will be monastic. Singledom has not suited me one iota and for reasons invariably too dull to go into – I’ve not done much about it. But that’s all about to change. Having said that, the days when my blog – to quote one old blogging chum – “read like a soap opera” – are probably behind me. The granular detail of my personal life is no longer the type of thing I wish to parade under the spotlight.

In terms of the day job – work continues to be busy with a general feeling in the London office that there isn’t the capacity to do the work that is required by clients. In theory this is a good thing as we are so busy. But in practice, it leads to stress (though thankfully my own pressures at work aren’t too bad just now). But close work colleagues of mine do seem to be under a lot of pressure. And it’s weird. I talk about “leaving at the 2 year mark” (autumn) – but I’m pulled closer to the core of the company the longer I’m there. Even today, the deputy CEO requested that I join the work party at Wimbledon Centre Court later this week (a couple of clients had dropped out – not unusual). This ‘privilege’ usually goes as a reward either to long-term favourites or people who have pleased the powers that be. I don’t tend to think of myself as being in either camp – but who knows. I declined (which won’t do me any favours) but that’s because, having seen the client list, I didn’t feel like spending a day being obsequious with people quite out of my league. Chelsea was different – it was the next rung down (in terms of clients coming) and I really enjoyed it. But this would have been too high-powered and I would not have felt comfortable. That said, I am not totally out of the woods until someone else accepts.

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  1. For now I’ll just say 4 things:

    1) “cross you have to bear”? oh, the humanity πŸ˜› lol πŸ™‚
    2) I’m really happy for you
    3) agreed about the underground being unbearably hot and humid in the summer, though buses can be pretty damn hot and humid too; I suspect a bus would probably be NOT AS BAD, but given the UK’s general lack of availability of A/C I would still probably be miserable;
    4) OBVIOUSLY I need to go back and start reading some of your archives!!!! I appear to have missed all the “soap opera” and “granular detail”!!! Must … dig … for … juicy … drama πŸ˜‰

  2. Justin – the weight thing has been a BIG issue for me. Really not happy about it at all. Cannot WAIT to resolve it. hard to explain. Oh, the ‘soap opera’ stuff was 2 blogs ago. There is nowt on here, I’ve learned my lesson! Plus, I ended up retracting/pulling a lot of the old stuff at the time, usually a day or so after I posted it. I feel I’ve moved on quite a lot since then (mentally, though of course, not romantically).

    Allin356days – thanks!

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