Summer in the city

So it’s been pretty hot this weekend. 29c yesterday and 30c today in London. After several lousy summers I have this feeling that this could turn into a long, hot, extended one. Just like winter was far colder than any we’ve had in many years – unusually pronounced – so it might just be so with summer.

Yesterday involved antique shopping (S bought a dark Georgian chest of drawers), from the same place I bought mine from a few years ago; we go to this place all the time, it’s great. We then had lunch at a local restaurant that I had taken family to last weekend. I had moules mariniere which was pretty good but not as good as when you have it in the south of France, with fat Spanish mussels from just over the border. It’s one of those dishes that, to me, is just not quite the same as having it on the continent. Of course, the same is true with things like croissants, French baguettes, that type of thing. But it wasn’t bad.

From there, on to do a food shop at Sainsbury’s. I resisted buying any wine as have really been overdoing the drinking just recently. I did buy half a dozen bottles of Eridinger Weißbier, though, which is a favourite (German) beer of mine. Try it if you haven’t as it has a great taste that is infinitely more satisfying than cheap standard ‘lagers’:

erdinger weissbier

In the evening we went to a classical music concert. S is very into all that, unlike myself who will readily admit to inherent philistinism. Elgar’s cello concerto in E minor and something of Wagner’s (I forget the name) were part of the programme and it was very good. 60 instrument orchestra. One of S’s colleague’s wives is in the orchestra.

Today has been uneventful, primarily because it’s been so hot. I watched the football though felt quite disconnected. A shame for the fans that England was thrashed 4-1 by Germany but there we go.

Not looking forward to this temperature being maintained into the coming week as commuting by tube in this weather is invariably horrid.

2 thoughts on “Summer in the city

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  1. What’s the protocol at these antique places? Do you haggle or is that not done?

    I’d quite like some fat Spanish muscle…

  2. Gen – the guy will usually take 5-10% off and throw in delivery. They’re very god. And LOL at the Spanish muscle, I like your thinking!! 😉

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