Daddy daddy, if you could only see

Not this weekend just gone – but the one before – I saw my father for the first time in 2.5 years. It was a family reunion, the kind of thing we have every few years. The last was perhaps 5 years ago. Mother, father, brother, brother’s girlfriend. And me. My father lives far, far away in a distant land. He has lived outside of the UK for most of his life. He was born outside of the UK. He met my mother abroad. They married abroad. I grew up abroad (in no small part a key reason for my wanderlust and complete failure to accept the status quo, to accept an ‘ordinary life’ in the UK. Which I just don’t ever want to have).

I don’t really think I’m like my father (as I’m much more like my mother; my brother is like my father, though). My father sometimes reminds me of Kurt’s father in Glee. That somewhat butch, alpha male. Mine played semi-professional hockey. Was into sport. The eldest of 5 children. Quite short tempered but also very charming.

Anyway. The reunion was good. Better than I’d anticipated. You never know with these things. Ultimately – blood runs thicker than water. That’s how I reflected on it.

Seeing everyone together felt a bit like old times. My parents split when I was 11 or so and they each now have separate partners (not present). But they get on well these days. Which is good.

And this album. Madonna’s True Blue. Was the first I ever owned. It was on vinyl. It was released in 1986. I was 10 years old. We were briefly in the UK which is how I came to own it. Next we were living in the Middle East and by this stage my parents’ marriage was in free-fall. I wasn’t thankfully there for the bitter end as I was away at boarding school by 11. But this music still makes me think of that era.

My father is in the UK for 10 weeks and I’m seeing him again in a few weeks which will be good.

6 thoughts on “Daddy daddy, if you could only see

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  1. Fascinating post – especially since your childhood was so very different from mine and I live in the house that my family moved to when I was three!

  2. Daphne – I know, quite a contrast! Good to have that feeling of history around you though. I just wouldn’t know what that feels like.

  3. It’s always good when people can get on after a divorce.
    I always think it weird that I only have one relative who has been through it.

  4. Josh – not heard it yet.

    Mancais – yeh, that’s definitely not a lot.

    Enrico – love the songs from the True Blue album. Really takes me back to the 80s.

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