Bidding farewell to suburbia

In 72 hours I will have bid (a not particularly fond) farewell to suburbia. I will have left it behind. At last. After 7.5 years of sameness on the domestic front – far, far too long – a long overdue change will have occurred. A paradigm shift of sorts. After spending longer in one area than I’ve ever done my whole life – something that is borderline anathema to me – I will have moved.

I spoke to the agent today and she confirmed that the final balance had been received. She also confirmed, which pleased me greatly, that the current tenant – who is relocating to the Far East – has left a large amount of stuff behind that wasn’t included in the apartment itself. This includes: vacuum cleaner, kettle, toaster, crockery, cutlery, more storage, etc. I’m very, very pleased about this. I own all this myself but I let my own flat fully furnished meaning I don’t have access to any of it (other than the good quality pots and pans I took with me).

Of course, it was another sticky journey home. The newspapers are starting to report that this is the longest dry spell since the 1920s. I had a strong gut feeling that this summer would be one to remember and it’s only just beginning. But very soon I won’t be travelling by train or tube as I will be living in a convenient residential part of central London in a lovely flat that is 20 or so minutes from the office.

At last.

5 thoughts on “Bidding farewell to suburbia

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  1. Well things have certainly progressed. Congratulations on your move into the city.. Now I have a date for returning to the UK—-which is also thrilling…All change!!

  2. Chris – thanks! Very pleased it’s finally happening. Congrats on your own return! A bigger deal for you moving countries I expect! I’m just moving 3-4 miles, technically!

  3. You’ll be in and getting the place sorted by now.
    Here’s to a happy tenancy for you and hoping your life moves in the wa you’ve been hoping x

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