Vignettes – 14/09/10

It was only drizzling when I left the office, post-gym. I had actually over-done it at the gym and – though mentally quite sparky – was physically exhausted. I kept sweating even after the cool down, shower, change, etc. That’s what happens when you’re generally out of shape – the recovery time post-exercise is much longer than when you’re fit. Ah well, small steps.

So I caught the bus home and it was quite empty. I sat on the top deck, looking out over what looked increasingly like Gotham City. I’ve mentioned before how London, when it’s dark and wet with driving rain and people scurrying into alleyways for cover – reminds me so much of Gotham. Soon I could hardly see out of the window, even the big one at the front, there was so much rain.

When we got to my stop I jumped out. I was expecting a fair amount of rain but hadn’t bargained on what was actually a torrential downpour. There wasn’t really anywhere to shelter. I was wearing a mac but it’s more a fashion mac rather than a working mac (bought quite some years ago from Muji) – and it’s not at all waterproof, though it is quite long and I’ve always enjoyed wearing it, especially in autumn and spring when the transitory seasons make it difficult to choose appropriate outerwear.

So I decided to peg it home. Not good when my legs were already mostly seized up from the gym (I’d run 3 kms on the treadmill). And I had something of a Bridget Jones moment. Racing down these residential London streets with a work bag over one shoulder and a bulky gym bag the other – absolutely soaked to the skin – fumbling with keys at the front door (though thankfully the doorway is covered, like all the regency townhouses).

There is a large mirror in the hallway and what I saw looking back at me resembled a drowned rat. I climbed the several floors to my landing and front door and, upon entering, had to completely change as was soaked through.

It was the most soaked I had been by the elements in years (and no, I didn’t have an umbrella as my small black one recently went walkabout and I’ve yet to replace it!)

5 thoughts on “Vignettes – 14/09/10

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  1. Ahhhh I can picture it perfectly – very evocative: I really enjoy it when you write in this way. Here in Leeds we only have sunshine, of course. Obviously.

  2. lol 🙂 “Bridget Jones moment” 🙂

    Have I told you lately how much I *LOVE* your writing?! And I love the way you describe your raincoat as “more a fashion mac rather than a working mac” and the line “I’ve always enjoyed wearing it, especially in autumn and spring when the transitory seasons make it difficult to choose appropriate outerwear” is publication-worthy, honestly 🙂

    Plus, I find it hard to believe that you could ever look as bad as a drowned rat 🙂

  3. Oh it sounds so English. I MISS the rain – and the getting caught in it.
    Hasn’t rained here more than 4 drops for weeks. Normally thunderstorms etc in August and September – but this year – nothing.

  4. I LOVE being soaking wet! It’s so dramatic and I pretend that I’m in a movie and this is the clip they will play when they announce mah nomination @ the Oscars!

  5. Daphne – thank you!

    Justin – thanks – kind of you to say.

    Birdy – yeh, it felt quite English! We don’t normally get rain quite that heavy but just recently there has been a lot of heavy showers.

    Josh – hmm I wouldn’t say I like it. I don’t mind those monsoon rains you get in exotic countries but it’s never really warm enough here to want to be outside and soaking wet!

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