Route 93

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Yesterday we drove from Jasper down to Banff. Well, down to Canmore to be precise, which is just outside Banff national park. The road down from Jasper to Banff is Alberta Highway North Route 93 – better known as the Icefields Parkway. It is the mother of all scenic drives. Enormous mountains on either side, many snowcapped. Lots of places to pull in and admire the view. Lots of scenic lakes and rivers that you’ll also pass.

The weather improved quite a lot yesterday (a full day of sun with some high up cirrus clouds and a little bit of haze) so we also did a 2.5 hour hike at Parker Ridge which affords great views over the Saskatchewan Glacier and other peaks. It’s a reasonably exhausting climb as you ascend 750 metres (if I recall correctly) but is well worth the view from the top.

Today we are driving through Yoho and Kootenay national parks and on that note… I must get up and have breakfast. I’m thinking pancakes with LOTS of maple syrups is what I want this morning.

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  1. SB – 🙂 I did enjoy driving on the roads out there. Even Calgary and the urban areas, it didn’t feel too stressful. Really got used to driving on the right which surprised me somewhat.

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