A pilgrimage to the real Brokeback Mountain

So last Friday we were staying in Canmore and we headed just south to Kananaskis Country. This lies outside the national park of Banff but it’s still a very beautiful area. It’s also where the vast majority of the film Brokeback Mountain was filmed.

A short video that I made of the trip to ‘Brokeback Mountain’ is below. The default setting is to view it in HD. If it’s too intensive for your computer, click the 720 bottom right after the video has started and change it to a lower figure. Also – as the video is in HD – it can be viewed quite clearly in full-screen by clicking the full-screen button at the bottom-right of the video window. You can then press escape to exit full-screen.

We were lucky with the weather – it was a stunning day. Details of where to find the key spots associated with the film can be found on the website findingbrokeback.com. After leaving the highway you go up a gravel road for a couple of miles and from there you can park up and it’s an easy walk to the location where the main camp scenes were filmed.

I don’t watch the film too often as I find it too painful. That said – the deep, baseline themes still reverberate.

3 thoughts on “A pilgrimage to the real Brokeback Mountain

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  1. I’ve only ever seen Brokeback once. I was so shattered by the end of it. There aren’t that many movies that make me cry but that one definitely did.

    The themes definitely still reverberate, very much so 😦 Especially in the light of the 5 young gay folks who committed suicide in the past few weeks alone.

    Did you see “A Single Man”, by the way? That’s another great movie. Thankfully the kind of things the title character went through aren’t as common now as they were in 1960, but they do still occur.

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