battersea power station

Battersea Power Station, on the banks of the Thames, taken from the train on my iPhone.

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  1. Lovely pic 🙂 Are there plans to do anything with that power station? The Tate Modern is a lovely example of a re-use of a decommissioned power station of course, as the Musée d’Orsay is a lovely example of a re-use of a decommissioned train station! 🙂

    (Back to Boston on Tuesday, btw — can’t believe it — been such a lovely trip!)

  2. Justin – its development has been talked about for as many years as I can remember. Donald Trump was going to do something with it for quite a long time but not sure what now. I love it. Such a landmark. I like the dereliction of the place. That said, it ultimately does need to be sorted.

    Glad you had a great time and sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet on this occasion! Have had rather a lot of stuff going on (all of which is way beyond the scope of this blog – if you catch my drift).

  3. lol I do indeed. Well perhaps next time. I’m so sad I’m going back tomorrow!!!! Tonight’s my last night in London and tomorrow’s my last morning waking up here. *sigh* I have really fallen in love with London on this trip even more than in any previous one, and that’s even after having spent a week in Paris!!! I think partly it’s because in every prior visit to the UK I always stayed with family, and they mostly lived outside London – Coventry, Bournemouth, Welwyn Garden City, or with friends who lived in Richmond. Even in 2006 when I stayed with my cousin in Croydon that honestly wasn’t *in* London. It’s more expensive to stay in hotels but it’s sooooo much nicer! 🙂

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