Waiting to exhale

It feels like it’s been a while since last I blogged and indeed it has. A month or so.

I have neither given up blogging nor experienced the ‘paradigm shift’. Instead, I’ve just been impossibly busy. My job, busy at the best of times, has been in overdrive the past month or so. Soooooo busy. We live in straitened times of increasing unemployment, job insecurity and general austerity – so really, I can’t complain that I am over-worked when so many people are without jobs. Even so. I would quite like my life back and I am so not a workaholic by nature – I’m really not.

Not sure what else in life is new. Still loving living in central London. It’s been 5 or so months since I moved to Pimlico and I adore it. I simply couldn’t countenance living anywhere other than zone 1 having lived here the past few months. It just feels so different from suburbia, so much more cosmopolitan and enjoyable.

On the personal front, the torch that I held for soo long for ‘he who was beyond the scope of this blog’ has, finally, blown out. That took a long time, it really did. But that light is now totally extinguished. A bit long-winded as to why, certain facts came to light, a final, long overdue realisation that he was as flawed as the next guy and that I actually deserved a lot better. Once upon a time he meant the world to me. But no more. I am 100% over him now. Consequently, I’ve put myself back on the market and enjoyed the dating game again and it’s been good to be ‘back in the saddle’. Have not found ‘the one’ yet but I live in hope – as always – and am enjoying the journey.


11 thoughts on “Waiting to exhale

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  1. I’m glad you’ve finally moved on from him. I know what that working-all-the-time feeling is like – and I don’t think I’m a workaholic either, though I do love my work.

  2. Craig – yeh, there is a sense of the chapter closing and being able to move on; a good thing. Hope your dating is also going OK!

    Daphne – why do we have such a workaholic culture in this country?? Why can’t we be more like France or Italy *sigh*.

  3. I was very glad to read this post when I first got the email notification – I meant to comment sooner šŸ™‚ I’ll add my voice to Craig’s and your friend Daphne’s.

    I can’t claim to have ever “enjoyed” the dating game. On those immensely rare — seemingly separated by geological eras šŸ™‚ — that I actually find a man who actually *wants* to go on a date with me, I find it a frustrating and maddening experience. (Not always *during* the date — *during* I often think it is going very well, and it’s not uncommon for the other guy to claim — often quite enthusiastically — that’s how he felt about it, only to avoid further contact later, indicating he wasn’t being honest — in fact was apparently going out of his way to be elaborately dishonest).

    I’m glad, however, that at least *someone* is enjoying “the game” šŸ™‚ And I’m glad you got back on the market šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

  4. I know all about being busy – have had evenings working way too late myself.
    Good to see you’ve extinguished. Hope you find your dream bloke and have a good time dating and trying out some contenders.

  5. Justin – yeh, dating has its highs and lows for sure. Rejection is hard (as every one of us knows as we take it and dole it out too).

    Jeni – ty! Likewise x

    Mancais – work busy is horrid isn’t it? I’m so not a workaholic.

    Sven – thanks! And glad things worked out for you and your beau! He looks/sounds very nice!

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