A note to Estella

19th December 2010  My dear Estella  When first we met, many months ago, I experienced you as somewhat cool, aloof, distant. Your mother on the other hand - who is also my landlady & whom I describe, in private at least, as an ‘Anna Madrigal’ figure - was an exemplar of conviviality. Did the apple fall so very far from the tree?  However, through chance encounters & random conversations with you over time - I’ve felt your cool demeanour thaw somewhat. Behind that rather reserved, somewhat glacial, ‘last century’ European façade - there is a vibrant & interesting young woman whose deeper acquaintance I am keen to make.   See you on Tuesday evening Estella, at the soirée you are hosting at yours, to which I am invited. Please consider this note to be an RSVP in the affirmative.  As ever,  M

5 thoughts on “A note to Estella

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  1. I do love your artistic eye, M 🙂

    Of course Estella would disinvite “M” if this note really *were* being sent as an RSVP, after being referred to as “glacial”, “aloof”, and “last century”, especially since she’s only “thawed somewhat” 😉

  2. Justin – thanks! I enjoy messing around doing these things. And no! I didn’t send it to her though the sentiment was there. The drinks were quite good in the end!

    Jeni/Mancais – thanks!

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