Thank you to those who have sent messages of support in various ways – it means an awful lot. Am sorry I haven’t done individual replies yet to people who have messaged me. Trying to get my head around things at the moment.

I’m sorry this is vague and will lead to lots of ambiguity and questions, etc. In time I hope to blog with complete trust and candour about what is going on. I’ve been quite emotional but seem calmer now.

To cut a long story short – I’ve had a serious health scare. To be more precise – I’m in the midst of a serious health scare. And yes, it did sort of come out of nowhere.

I spent much of this morning at St Thomas’ hospital and will be there again this week. I’m awaiting quite a lot of test results at the moment. I absolutely hate blood tests and it’s been so long even since I was in a hospital. It all feels a bit weird but I’ve been impressed seeing how free healthcare – the NHS – works in this country.

All things being equal – I think and hope – that I will be OK. I won’t know for a while. As I am quite a private person I am not going into a lot of detail at the moment about things.

Of course – by the law of absolute sod – this is coinciding with what will be a huge 4 day week at work this week due to a whole host of things taking place that have been in the planning stages for many months. Not just my projects, but company-wide stuff. That said, my health is more important than any job.

I’ve been warned things will likely get worse before they get better. That I’m not looking forward to but regardless – I will face it head on.

As the fog starts to subside I hope to blog more.


17 thoughts on “Crossroads

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  1. Dear Milo
    I knew the moment your tweet hit the deck that you were between a rock & a very hard place…before Xmas even. But when you spoke in your tweet about your Mum waving you out I knew something was ‘up’. You are not a lost case so give it a bit of milo welly love…we’re here if need be . XXX

  2. Glad you said your good health is more important than any job. As with everyone else, I hope the test results show nothing is wrong. Take care and keep us ‘in the loop’ and remember, I still want a guided tour of Pimlico on my return !

  3. really hope that you get through the waiting….just logged on so you are probably home and the mind wandering. Big hugs. xx take care

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