Returning to Pudding Island

Forgive me, I have just finished reading William Boyd’s masterful Any Human Heart and in it he refers to the UK as ‘Pudding Island’; I concur. You’ll need to read the book to understand the term, suffice to say it isn’t a term of endearment…

Anyway, a few pictures of my final approach into London Heathrow yesterday and also a little video I took. You aren’t meant to use any electronic equipment during take-off and landing – pah! In the photos, look out for the Shard (it looks like a rocket installation at present). When completed, it will be the tallest building in Europe.

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The video is on the boring side (having started it after Kew and Hampton Court Palace which might have been worthy sights). However, to my mind it provides a glimpse of what one might call ‘Ballardian’, suburban Britain. It was taken at the end of a 9 hour flight from East Africa.

2 thoughts on “Returning to Pudding Island

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  1. I liked the video – it was so quiet.
    Hubby has a thing on his iPad where you can simulate noises – rain, river etc and one is ‘aircraft’ where it is noise like that.

    Ah blighty. Dear old blighty

    How long until NYC?

    1. There is another video of taking off/landing in the tiny plane we took from city to coast. Will post when I’ve managed to edit it. Yeh, the noise of a jetliner can be soothing. The noise of the small plane was just LOUD. You had to shout on the inside to make yourself heard.

      NYC is, theoretically, in autumn. Company is going through something of a restructure at present (not as in downsizing, just lots of senior level changes and global/regional changes) which may have an impact.

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