The Royal Wedding in pictures

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(All photos taken either by myself or S)

We had a pretty good vantage point along Horse Guards Road. I’m reasonably tall (well, 6ft), which helps. We got there sometime after 10am (not bad as there had been people camping out). So we certainly weren’t on the ‘front line’ against the railings, but were about 3 people back. There was a highly charged, excited, positive, energetic atmosphere that was fun to be a part of.

I enjoyed the spectacle of the day. Having now ‘done’ a royal wedding,  I probably wouldn’t do it this way again – instead opting to sit in the comfort of home and be glued to the television whilst throwing back champagne. But it was a fun (though tiring) experience to be there. It reminded me a little of Millennium when I came into Central London to see the new millennium in, with what felt like millions of others.

After the procession back to the palace it felt like half the world were themselves moving in the direction of the palace. We were hemmed in at one point, then they opened up the Mall and we were swept up in the crowds moving close to the front of the palace gates. This wasn’t a bad thing as we had a fairly clear view of the balcony.

There was a strong feeling that it was a shared experience – so many people coming together, in person or by radio and TV – globally – to take part in a single event. All told, an unforgettable day.

5 thoughts on “The Royal Wedding in pictures

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  1. Thank you again for putting these all together. They are so amazing. It is an event you will remember as long as you live – and your being there. Plus they seem to be playing ALL the tv coverage continuously so no doubt you have seen every tv shot too.

  2. Hen – thanks!

    Birdy – It was enjoyable and I’m glad we went. We were lucky to end up so close to the balcony.

    RO – was on something of a hiatus. Hope to return imminently. Glad you liked the pics.

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