Eyes wide shut

It seems like forever since last I blogged. In fact it’s about 5 weeks. A month came and went – May – during which time I didn’t get round to blogging.

But life hasn’t been so bad. A week on an island off North Africa and later in the month, a wedding in Southern France. Both were enjoyable. Both I may, in time, get round to blogging about.

Not much else is new. My overseas secondment is ‘on hold’. The business is restructuring (not in the ‘laying people off’ way, which that phrase usually means). My reporting lines are changing. I still don’t know who my new boss will be. We’ll see. To use a phrase endlessly repeated by an ex-colleague from an ex-company (who I was never particularly fond of but whose phrase was apt) – I’m kind of over it. I like the people, it’s comfortable – though far too manic. But I’ve done it – been there, got the t-shirt, etc. I’ll soon be approaching the 3 year mark. I’m certainly not getting any younger. We shall see.

Ironically, perhaps, I don’t look too jaded. Three holidays have left me tanned and ‘healthy looking’, according to others. That’s about as far as the ‘healthy’ bit goes. I re-joined the gym at the very end of April – but haven’t been once. Life is still fuelled by a perma-cocktail of red wine and gin. In fairness, I’m fairly healthy during the day – Special K for breakfast and soup and half a salad wrap at lunchtime. Hardly excessive. By evening, less so.

I overhauled the blog slightly. I finally got rid of the edgy look and went for something cleaner. But I feel… like someone who has fallen off a bike and isn’t overly minded to get back on. My zest for using the blog as an outlet or catharsis has waned. I could scuttle it, which has crossed my mind, but ‘turning off’ 2.5 years of entries, some of which took a bit of time and thought to write – seems over the top.

In other news, 2011 is proving to be The Year of the Book for me. I’ve read 10 books so far this year, the last of which was 720 pages long. I have loved reading my whole life and find it such a source of inspiration and enjoyment.

6 thoughts on “Eyes wide shut

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  1. Don’t you DARE stop blogging. You push me and I’ll push you. Yes we all go through times when it seems more of a punishment than a pleasure but let those times pass blogless and soon you’ll want to be back. You have in the past, I have too.
    Keep the faith.

  2. We all go through the “nothing is happening” phase in our lives or quite the opposite, too busy to blog periods… But you know what? It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a day, a month, or a whole six in my case… Sometimes people just like to know you’re still out there and still ok.

    When my blog was hacked, I was locked out and couldn’t get into my admin, I gave up trying in the end, until one day when I wanted to blog and couldn’t I realised I needed it more than I knew. I don’t care whether people read my blog or not. I’ve gone from 700,000 readers to about 2. It doesn’t matter, the blog is there for you, not them. Don’t throw away that channel you have for venting pressure or expressing joy.

    Like me, you’ll miss it in the end. And we’ll miss you!

  3. SB – Thanks, I guess I’ll be sticking around after all! And good advice.

    Mike – Yeh, I can see it happened with you too. It seems we can go through long periods of drought as far as our blogs are concerned. And thanks for the advice – yes, it is a means to vent, that’s for sure!

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