Wyrd dreams

I seem to have slept fitfully the last couple of nights.

On Thursday night I had an unsettling dream about ‘he who is beyond the scope of the blog’. Someone I haven’t seen in person in over two years. I made a comment on Birdy’s blog about it.

I dreamt I was outdoors, in a marketplace, and I spotted him from a distance. I slunk back into the shadows so he wouldn’t see me. Suddenly, out of nowhere, an old friend from university days (who I’ve long since lost touch with) appeared by me, and we spoke, briefly. He then left. Next thing I knew, ‘he who is beyond…’ was marching towards me and try as I might, I couldn’t conceal my position. So it felt like the old uni friend had been spying on me and told him where I was. ‘He who is beyond…’ confronted me and the next thing I knew I had jarred myself awake.

Last night I dreamt that one of the directors at work was trying to get me sacked. A highly political female member of staff. I get on with her, but she’s extremely tactical (plays people off against one another all the time). She was really bitchy in the dream (she isn’t in real life, though she can be incredibly two-faced). Again, I was jarred awake at 7 something this morning.

The former dream has no real current meaning as he’s 98% out of my conscious life. I do sometimes wonder what happened to him. Who knows.

The latter dream is clearer. The director in question had emailed me (and decided to CC the UK MD, how tactical can you get!) saying that we were really falling behind our competitors with respect to a certain something at work – what was I going to do about it – when am I going to prioritise it, etc. I sent back a long, considered, reply (also CC’ing the UKMD) .

These days I rarely remember my dreams.

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