Inside the whorehouse

More wyrd dreams. Yet it can’t be due to cheese (because I’m dieting and cheese is completely off the menu).

It seems likely that last night’s wyrd dream was spawned by the book I’m reading – a fascinating account of 1950s Soho as told by a prostitute’s maid. It’s the first book I’m reading on my new Kindle and I’m really enjoying it (and the Kindle experience).

It’s not the sort of dream I particularly enjoy sharing. This was a mixed night and it was ‘dream two of three’. The other dreams were odd enough but I’ll focus on this one.

All I really recall was being in a whorehouse. It was comprised of rent boys, rather than female prostitutes. It was pokey and squalid (as per the descriptions in the book I’m reading).

And the embarrassing and rather sordid key element? I deliberately ur****ed all across the mattress while standing up. I really have no idea why. And to save the dearly beloved the temerity of asking the question – I don’t recall it being over someone; just over the mattress. But it was a vivid dream. So vivid that I woke up thinking I’d wet the bed!!! I hadn’t. But even so. Unnerving… and God alone knows what it meant.

Perhaps it is linked to the (rapidly disintegrating) relationship with that guy. Short and sweet as it appears to have been.

I also changed the sheets on the bed yesterday evening and I remember the mattress protector coming off and remarking, inwardly, that the mattress looked to be in very good condition (the landlady had said it was ‘almost new’ when I moved in). The mattress in the dream looked identical.


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  1. I’ve been going through the recorded items on my dvr as I want it replaced as soon as it’s clear. Many are from years ago and this evening I watched the Oscar Wilde movie starring the excellent Stephen Fry and as the end credits rolled, I noticed Orlando Bloom played a rent boy. (that’s not a euphemism….I mean that was his role !)
    I ‘rewound’ to a few relevant areas but couldn’t see him at all but now with rent boys in my mind, I’m already a bit worried about my dreams tonight.
    I think I’ll save time and just sleep in the bath !

  2. Did you wake up having to pee? The brain is a dangerous place. All those little bits and pieces add up to wackadoodle dreams. Maybe you were making a statement about prostitution. No idea WHAT statement though. I had one of those stress school dreams, I was late, couldn’t find my shirt, missed the bus, etc. Only it’s my kid going back to school not me. She should be having her OWN stress dreams and leave me out of it. 😉

    Sorry things are going a bit south with the new guy.

  3. oooh. what a shrink would make of that! I guess maybe pissing on the mattress is fingers to the idea of rent boys – needing rent boys?
    I am now intrigued about the ‘West End girls’ book though!!!

    I am always having weird dreams. I explained one to my therapist – pretty sure he’d see no malice in it and he asked me if ‘my kid being wild’ was perhaps a euphemism for ME wanting to be wild. There was death and guilt in that dream too and those were the things I thought he’d be focussing on.

    But indeed – I think the mattress protector and book content were the main triggers of your nocturnal tales.

  4. SB – not sure I’ve seen that film! Sounds like a cross between Bright Young Things and My Own Private Idaho (both of which I like!)

    Tam – yes, I think that may have been the case. Hmm, I don’t think I have any strong views on prostitution. Am finding this book fascinating though.

    Birdy – I think you would like the book. Her upbringing wasn’t dissimilar to yours I seem to recall. Yeh, I seem to be having quite a lot of weird dreams at the moment.

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