Can I tell you something Daddy?

‘Don’t ask don’t tell’ is finally over in America.

At last.

This video was posted 24 hours ago and it’s already had 1.7m views on youtube.

5 thoughts on “Can I tell you something Daddy?

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  1. I loved that video. I was terrified it was not going to have a happy ending, but whew. I was nervous on his behalf for sure. I can only imagine how he felt after.

  2. Wow. Just wow. They said on the news here how that was going into effect. I don’t know if YOU know, but if you are in ALABAMA where his dad is – rightly or wrongly, the Southern States (in my opinion) have a harder time with homosexuality full stop. So this boy telling his dad – AND his dad saying all this at the end is just AMAZING.
    It is also funny that the dad won’t tell the mom! Even if they are divorced…and the way he chuckles at that!!

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