La Mer

I watched the movie Tinker Tailor Solider Spy at the cinema on Saturday night. Really enjoyed it. Extremely atmospheric. It’s not high on ‘action’. It’s just not one of those movies. But it is multi-layered, complex, deep, involved. I hadn’t read the book or seen the TV version so it was a new one for me. I especially liked the recreation of the early 1970s; the cinematography was really something – and the acting top drawer.

Highly recommended.

In the final scene and as the credits roll, this version of La Mer is playing. Love it.

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  1. La Mer is a beautiful piece of music.

    Did you see the original made-for-tv miniseries with allec guinness?

    There was a hilarious caketv post last week panning this film. I suspect my tastes in films are closer to yours than to that reviewer’s, however (despite his perfect Oxford Accent).

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