Ride like an Egyptian

Not the most scintillating video I have ever posted. However, it does show a snapshot of daily street life in Egypt. This taken in the town of Edfu (which has a large and truly awe-inspiring 2,200 year old temple – dedicated to the falcon god, Horus – which I will blog about another time).

We were on a horse and carriage travelling back to the boat from the temple. There were 4 of us in the carriage and as only 3 can sit in the carriage itself, I had to sit up front with the driver.

Incidentally, the long flowing robes that the men wear (called a ‘galabeya‘) is what I wore to the on-board fancy dress party one evening. Surprisingly comfortable, especially in such a hot climate.

7 thoughts on “Ride like an Egyptian

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  1. That is fascinating to see – thank you…..from the parked cards to the walking people (no footpaths?) to the shop fronts…. you were overtaken by another carriage….guessing that wasn’t you with the whip there?

  2. Was that taken on your phone ?
    Certainly a location unknown to me so a great record…..although it does look a bit like the Harehills district in Leeds ! Except for the blue skies.

  3. I was kidnapped by a calesh driver in Luxor!! (well it felt like being kidnapped anyway) – He would not let us pass in the street so we had to get in his cab. He then drove us to his ‘uncles’ alabaster factory and his ‘cousins’ papyrus shop. After the obligatory purchases he dropped us back to the hotel. Nice video though and a lovely way to travel as long as you feel at liberty!!

  4. Tam – they do move pretty fast!

    Birdy – yeh we were overtaken. Nope, not me with the whip, that was the driver (youngish lad).

    SB – taken on Panasonic Lumix point & shoot camera. Yeh, the blue skies are what I miss most!

    OTE – I’ve heard of similar happening! We were in a large-ish tour group so they didn’t get much chance to do that.

    Daphne – glad you like!

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