Cycling vignettes – 09/11/11


Easy enough journey in though a damp start. Rained overnight. Get overtaken by everyone, such is the life of a Boris Bike commuter (bikes geared to travel 22% slower than normal bikes at same rate of pedalling). My 8.30am meeting with colleague over from New York is postponed, but I didn’t get that message until my arrival at 8.29am.


Leave work early as a colleague and friend from two jobs ago is coming round for dinner. Need to get home in good time to get dinner in the oven. Stuff M&S wine, spinach and runner beans into satchel and then into front basket space (Boris Bike). Doesn’t quite fit but needs must.

Roads busy. Protests around Trafalgar Square. Cars not moving. Bikes are. Onto Whitehall. All the taxi drivers tooting their horns. So noisy. Evidently angry. Sail past in blissful ignorance with fellow cyclists.

That said, I still observe all the red lights. There is a noticeable division within the cycling community; those that do and those that don’t.

Journey home circa 15 minutes. Why wasn’t I doing this a year ago?

5 thoughts on “Cycling vignettes – 09/11/11

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  1. Why are Boris bikes set up to go slower?
    Do they have mudguards?
    Are you a bicycle clip type or trouser leg in the socks one?

    Very impressed you’re sticking with it even with the colder days!

    1. Safety measure to prevent lay-users going too fast. They do have mudguards and because there are only 3 gears it has a concealed chain meaning you don’t need trouser clips.

      Still not too cold here. Certainly not gloves weather yet. It’s just a so much faster and more exhilarating way to get to work – I enjoy it!

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