Vignettes – 11/11/11

She’d moved to the area recently. She’d been my closest (female) friend in my current company until she left almost one year ago. We remain close friends.

Dinner at a boutiquey place in our neighbourhood. We start with cocktails. I’m drinking vodka martinis. She’s on Bellinis.

Dinner is exquisite. She’s a vegetarian (though eats fish). I start with belly of pork. For main I opt for a French casserole dish (I forget the name) but it’s divine. Roaringly hot pot with a potato gratin concoction on top.

We plump for white and knock it back.

It’s an evening noted for its conviviality. She looks like Sean Young who plays Rachael in Blade Runner.


She has this 1930s-esque black blouse-type garment on, polka-dot like, plunging neck-line. She was always exquisitely dressed and had a figure to match. I love how she throws back her head and laughs and the whole restaurant turns to hear.

Pudding was sublime. For me, a pineapple carpaccio with coconut sorbet.

Much of the time, living in London doesn’t do much for me, but other times, like tonight, there is that feeling of zeitgeist, of the here and now, of a certain mise-en-scène – an awareness of the moment. She’s now my closest neighbour and she’s a great neighbour to have and paint the town red with.

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