My first bicycle accident

Well it was going to happen at some point.

It wasn’t serious so I will hold on to that thought. I was knocked off. Not ‘flung’ onto the pavement I should add; I don’t want to over-dramatize it.

So I was essentially forced against the pavement by a black cab. There was the scrape of metal against metal. Cab driver stopped to check whether I was injured. When he realised I was unhurt he proceeded (whilst simultaneously looking very relieved) to give me a load of verbal though it wasn’t all that harsh. Perhaps I shouldn’t have tried to squeeze past him – perhaps he could have looked in his wing-mirror before decreasing the gap between his position and the pavement (and yes – I do know what a blind spot is thanks very much!)

When it’s a bike vs a car, the motorist rarely has a leg to stand on when attempting to blame the cyclist (in some European countries the law is such that it will automatically be the motorist’s responsibility if an accident takes place whatever the circumstances). Anyway, a few choice words from each side; no discernible harm done to bike, person or cab. He referred endlessly to “your sort!!!” by which he means “cyclists”. There is a war going on in this city between motorists and cyclists and the more you cycle the more you realise that to be the case. However, because the cost of public transport is getting inexorably more expensive, the tube ever more congested, and people – in general, are having to tighten their belts – there has been a massive increase in the number of cyclists on London’s roads; a good thing. The Boris Bike scheme has also had a massive role to play in this regard.

And where did it take place? Oh, only at the Millbank / Lambeth Bridge roundabout which happens to be one of the 10 most dangerous junctions in London for cyclists. Accidents like this in London are two a penny – they happen multiple times a day. I have to traverse two from that list twice a day. Sadly, this is not a bike friendly city (when compared with much of Continental Europe).

Anyway. I’m 100% fine. And I am not going to stop cycling.

4 thoughts on “My first bicycle accident

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  1. I’m glad you’re okay and hope you won’t stop cycling and will CONTINUE to be okay! I was once knocked off a bike by a lorry in Cardiff – – amazingly, I wasn’t hurt, but I’ve always remembered it.

  2. I am so relieved you are ok. I worry for you and every time I see a headline I hope it is not a bad accident….maybe the press may highlight the situation on London to get it a more cycle friendly place but not sure how that can be done with over congested street.
    So glad you are fine. Hope helmet was on?

  3. Daphne – it’s very common apparently, a colleague was telling me. Am hoping it doesn’t happen again though.

    Birdy – there is a significantly higher number of cyclists on the roads now. It’s helping drive it up the agenda. The usual issues with this city – far too congested across the board – housing, tube, roads, etc. Too many people in too little space.

    OTE – yeh, it takes quite a bit of nerve at the beginning I found. Took me a long time to psyche myself up to start. Thanks for the nomination I will check it out.

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