The hollow at the base of a woman’s throat

Almasy: [in his lover Katharine’s arms] I claim this shoulder blade — no, wait, I want – turn over — I want this, this [his finger at the base of her throat] — this place. I love this place, what’s it called? This is mine. I’m going to ask the King permission to call it the Almásy Bosporus.


Almásy: [to his colleague] Um, Maddox, that place – that place at the base of a woman’s throat, you know, the hollow, here. Does it have an official name?

Madox: For God’s sake, man, pull yourself together.


Madox: In case you’re still wondering [points to base of throat]. This is called a supersternal notch.

Do all women have a hollow at the base of the throat, I wonder? I rarely get close enough to find out. I guess most men have an Adam’s Apple of sorts.

Anyway. I looooooooove The English Patient – both the book and the film.

2 thoughts on “The hollow at the base of a woman’s throat

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  1. I have always been in two minds about that film – – it looked stunning and was brilliantly acted – – but left me curiously disengaged from all the characters, and that’s not like me.

  2. I fell in love with that movie when I first saw it – I was 18 and it was new, and all my friends were saying it was long and boring.
    I adored it. 15 years later I still love that film. So sensuous and gorgeous and tragic.

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