In fear of four eyes


On Monday of next week I have an optician’s appointment. This is something I’ve been putting off for, ohh, I don’t know… more than 6 years I would say. I last went to the optician in 2003. I didn’t have a great experience. Boots at Piccadilly told me I did need glasses. Specsavers on Tottenham Court Road (I went for a second opinion) told me I didn’t.

That experience left me somewhat skeptical about the glasses and opticians industry in this country.

I can read OK. I can use a screen OK. I can drive OK.

However, things ‘at distance’ don’t look particularly sharp. It’s not that things are terribly blurred. It’s more that they don’t look ‘sharp’. So we’ll see. My colleagues are in perpetual tease mode, convinced I will need glasses. I’m not so sure. I may still be borderline and able to go without.

Perhaps my look is about to change. I’m gong to a salon soon to sort out my hair. It hasn’t been cut in almost 2 months. The barber I went to last time did something of a hatchet job. It’s now totally all over the place. I’m getting repeated “dragged out of a hedge backwards” looks when I take my cycling helmet off.

The style I’m after is long on top, possibly with a 1930s side-parting, but very short around the back and sides. Possibly risqué for a professional services environment but hey – life’s too short to be too conservative. This is the only job I’ve been in over the last 10 years in which I can dress smart casual and they seem to laud individuality (there are some very quirkily dressed people here, including one of the two people who work for me).

So perhaps it’s time for a reinvention.

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  1. Glasses now are practically a fashion accessory. I had option check 2 yrs ago and she said I had the regular 35-40s aging eyes. Over the counter readers help me when reading but otherwise I am fine.
    I like the sound of your hair to be!

  2. I’ve worn glasses since I was five! The conversation went: Teacher: “Now dear, I’d like you to read the letters on this chart.” Me: “What chart?” – – And that was the moment when everyone, including me, learned that I really couldn’t see very well. Glasses are like part of my body now – I can’t imagine not wearing them! If you do need them, I hope you’ll quickly get used to them.

  3. I started out with glasses for reading, now I have to wear them all the time, the jump from reading to everyday has only been a short one of a year. Being vain as all hell I’ve also gone for disposable contact lenses because I don’t want to be seen in glasses too often. I have that fear of looking odd when I take them off! But there are some fantastic frames out there to choose from and I think you’d look good in gigs!

  4. Jen – ohhh, I quite like his look! A bit bookish/nerdy but elements of that I like!!

    Daphne – “what chart?” LOL! 😀

    Mike – thanks!! S tried contacts for a while (he wears glasses full time) but could never get used to them. And you’re right, there are some cool frames out there. I’ll know tomorrow!

  5. I thought you might like it! I’ve worn glasses since I was 12, probably should have been younger still but for 2 years I thought the teachers’ handwriting was getting worse and worse!

  6. I thought you might like it! I’ve worn glasses since I was 12, probably should have been younger still but for 2 years I thought the teachers’ handwriting was getting worse and worse!

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