When four eyes are better than two

vintage glasses

So I went and had an eye test for the first time since 2003.

It transpires that I have a mild case of short-sightedness. I can, just, make out the bottom line on the screen. But it’s very blurry. As the optician fiddled with different lenses… suddenly the bottom line was crystal clear.

He suggested I wear glasses for driving, cinema, theatre, etc. I don’t need them for work. I only need them when needing to focus for extended periods on items in the distance (i.e. driving).

I don’t drive these days. But I do cycle. Principles aren’t dissimilar.

So I’ve started trying on frames. Tried on some rather fashionable Prada ones. Quite solid black frames but not the really rectangular ones as I don’t find they suit me. I preferred the slightly bigger (old fashioned?) style. I guess something old-fashioned “we danced all night” vintage would always be what I’d end up going for. There was also a Paul Smith pair that I rather liked.

No super rush. Will probably wait for the January sales to bite the bullet. Through one of our benefits at work I will get £50 off; better than nothing.

What with my imminent appointment at the salon (which is a step-up from the barber for a ‘re-style’) – it seems my whole image is changing. Not such a bad thing as the effort I’ve expended on ‘my look’ thus far is minimal. I haven’t had my hair cut in almost 2 months and it’s very thick and bouffant-like, similar to Hugh Grant in Four Weddings (and just to be clear, that’s where the similarities begin and end!).

4 thoughts on “When four eyes are better than two

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  1. Laughed at your ‘that’s where the similarities end’ quip.
    No love child via Asian lady?
    LA police record for ‘relations’ with Divine Brown?
    Whining to Press Complaints people? LOL.

    I hope that which ever frames you get in the sales have a warranty.
    i know from my son’s experience that the mark up on frames is RIDICULOUS and over here some ‘designer ones’ have very limited warranties.

    Welcome to ‘needing help’ years. A friend of mine was explaining her Lasik treatment to me last week – let’s just say I’ll take the reading glasses for now!

  2. You can get some bargains buying specs online if you know what you want.
    I had LASIK 10 years ago and it was one of the best things I ever did. Expensive at the time but worth it for the freedom from contact lenses.

  3. Birdy – yeh, have seen that the mark-up is crazy!

    Daphne – agreed. Part of me is quite looking forward to having them.

    Mancais – I kind of know what I want but need to try on more.

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