2000 Miles

It’s 1983 and The Pretenders ‘2000 Miles’ débuts in the British singles chart at #15.

In so many ways, the decade that was the 1980s feels like it was just yesterday… so many vivid memories remain so close to the surface.

The relatives with whom we spent Christmas throughout the 80s and 90s – we will be spending it with again this year. Only, most of my cousins are now married with children. In other respects it will be much the same as 28 years ago. One is left with a sense of time passing, of having changed generations, of being cognisant of how short the passage of time actually is…

I don’t know… I can’t decide if it’s unnerving, depressing, reassuring, or something else. I still don’t really feel like I’ve ‘grown up’ in many ways! I still don’t really know ‘what I want to be’; I’ve not got married and had children (nor will I).

I do in fact feel like Peter Pan.

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  1. Well I’m still saying “When I grow up I’m going to – – ” and I’m MUCH older than you! This is one of my very favourite Christmas songs, I absolutely love it – but I’ve never seen that video before and it may in fact be the worst video I have ever seen!

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