Circa 1930s encore

I’m still getting used to having adopted the Clark Gable look. I do my hair in the morning and when it’s done I kind of think to myself – I could be marching to Ypres (circa 1915) or perhaps Dunkirk (circa 1940). It just doesn’t really look of this generation.

And society seems divided. Some like it – some blatantly do not. Some think it’s too contrived, others that it’s ‘old fashioned’. We’re all agreed that it’s quite ‘different’.

I’m using wax for the first time in many years; it does the job. It does leave it quite dark and slick; I don’t mind that.

I haven’t seen Sheridan for weeks but am probably seeing him tomorrow; will be interested to hear what he has to say. He’s known to call a spade a spade (at least where I’m concerned).

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