Vignettes – 19/12/2011

I slept fitfully, awaking to darkness. Upon leaving the flat about 7.45am  I was greeted by a blood-red sky.

“Red sky in the morning – shepherd’s warning.”

I tubed it to the City. We were interviewing a group Chief Executive as part of a client feedback project. Film crew on hand. Nerve-racking but he was quite down to earth.

I’ve never been all that comfortable in the City; but I quite liked it. After that it was back to the West End and the office.

Totally frenetic day. Film crew came back as we were doing in-house filming for another project.

Finished work gone 7pm.

Out for dinner with close work colleagues, one of whom told me he’s resigning tomorrow. It’s been on the cards for a while. I’m jealous; obviously. He has a gung-ho attitude to his resignation and departure (a confidence born from an expensive schooling; I know the type). I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving without my next move being clear.

Dinner (tapas) was fantastic. Tubed it home.

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